Buy and Sell Real Estate with Milagro D Scardigno PLLC with Michael Saunders and Company

Thank you!

We are happy to finally announce the grand opening of Florida Gulf Coast Life Realty! It has been a pretty long road to get to this very happy moment to be able to service our customers with a more proactive dynamic where community wellbeing and lifestyle are the main focus while conducting real estate transactions to move families and businesses forward!

We are still in the process of setting everything up and updating our website to comply with state laws and to display the most current information for you.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue your search for properties and, if there are any questions or assistance we can provide, please contact Mila Scardigno via email or via call or text to (941) 468-2459.

Please stay tuned for more updates to come!

Thank you for all your support.

Florida Gulf Coast Life Realty